Bringing N1331H home

Two weeks after the second maiden flight, it was Matt's turn to start piloting N1331H. But before leaving Lommis airfield (LSZT), where the Sedan had been rigged, restorer Andy was offered the chance to get his hands on the yoke from the right seat on a local flight together with CFI Stephan Friedli. Andy's smile upon return said everything! 

Then, it was time to say good-bye to Andy and for Matt to sit on the left, but still under Stephan's supervision. Friend and former owner of Sedan 15AC-429, Emil Röllin, flew formation in a Cessna 150 and took the first air-to-air photos. Monika drove our car to Birrfeld airfield (LSZF), where we all enjoyed a hefty lunch, before Stephan guided Matt through 13 landings and take-offs. Then, confident, just having refreshed the Sedan training received from Gareth Gilson in the USA, in the years before, Matt flew N1331H solo to its new home base Grenchen (LSZG), where he made – no bragging! ;-) – a perfect landing. 

Many thanks to Stephan for his support and reassuring company, during Matt's first experiences with N1331H! And Emil and Monika for the tons of great photos they shot that day! A selection is presented below.


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Photos © Monika Sieber, Emil Röllin 

copyright © 2007 - 2020 Monika & Matthias Sieber