N1331H's first flight after restoration

Nearly eight years after the purchase of N1331H's wreck in Fall of 2002, the day we had longed for, finally arrived: The day of the first flight, August 31, 2010. 

The preceding month, Andy Rombach and I had been very busy with the final assembly and remaining detail work. For a while, it seemed as if the list of things to do got longer with every item we had taken care of. But then, on the morning of August 31, everything was ready and went as smooth as it could. 

Andy, Stephan Friedli who was in charge of piloting the plane, Emil Röllin and Thomas Müller as photographers, Monika as photographer, caterer and my personal good luck charm and I as copilot met at Lommis airfield (LSZT). The plane was fuelled and after a thorough in- and outside inspection, Stephan started the engine. Taxi tests had already been conducted earlier, so there were no surprises on the way to the holding point. The run-up proved that all vital systems were performing as they were supposed to. At 10:22 a.m. local time, Stephan advanced the throttle and N1331H soon lifted off grass runway 06 and flew, as if it had never paused, since 1949!

The plane handled so well and flawlessly with no yaw, roll or pitch tendencies that Stephan felt comfortable enough to refuel and load the Sedan to its maximum take-off weight of 2050 lbs (930 kg) for the second test flight on the same day. This one served to collect the necessary data to apply for Burl's Oil Cooler Removal Approval. Since all temperatures remained within the prescribed limits, this approval was granted soon after. (Remark: A Sedan's engine is usually cooled very well, resulting in oil temperatures that tend to be rather low. Hence, it may be desireable under certain conditions and after the required and successful test flight to remove the oil cooler. Email Burl Rogers, if considering a removal.) 

Monika's and my thanks go to Andy for the beautiful recreation of N1331H! To Stephan for his great and professional help in safely bringing N1331H back into its element! And to our friends, Thomas, Emil, Fleur and Erwin for their presence on that special day!   

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Photos © Monika Sieber, Emil Röllin

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