Pica Aeronca Sedan 15AC, 1/5 Scale

Pica was a long-time kit manufacturer, based in Miami, Florida, USA. Unfortunately, they quit production, I believe in 2004. It seems, the design rights to some of their models were bought by Cox, who reintroduced a few airplanes in ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) format with built-up and covered structures. The original Pica line of self-build wood kits included famous military planes like the P-51 Mustang, Spitfire and T-28 Trojan, but also a few nice general aviation examples like the Bücker Jungmeister, Cessna 182, WACO YMF, Aeronca Sedan and other planes. Their Sedan kit is an approximate 1/5 scale, resulting in a wingspan of 84-1/2 inches (215 cm). The kit's box label depicts Jim Thompson's full size 15AC-561, N1491H in flight. Jim's Sedan winning the Grand Champion Classic award, during Oshkosh 1980, was the inspiration for Pica to create this kit. 

Click Here to witness a Pica Aeronca Sedan project in South Africa.   

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Photos © Matthias Sieber (01-04), Unknown (05), James Barker (06-08)

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