15AC-003 –– C-FJVJ (06)

Steeve Bouchard, owner of 15AC-003, reports about his 1948 Sedan:

"My Aeronca 15AC, registered in Canada as C-FJVJ, was among the first Sedans sold, after Aeronca had completed flight tests for certification of the type. It is also one of the oldest Sedans still flying, today. The oldest log book entry I have, is from 1964. The airplane was in British Columbia, Canada at that time. Now it is based at Lac Caché in Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada. There is a lot of aviation history about this lake. From 1955, it was a busy floatplane base for many years, with Fecteau Transport Aérien (later Air Fecteau) and as many as 25 bush planes operating from this lake. Mostly DHC-2 Beavers and DHC-3 Otters. Now Caché Lake is a lot quieter and only 6 floatplanes are based here: 2 Taylorcrafts,  1 J3, 1 Caddy, 1 Turbo Otter and 1 Sedan. 

C-FJVJ has about 2800 hrs total airframe time. Last year, JVJ had her old hearth repaired. The old C-145 engine was overhauled and 6 new Millenium Cylinders were installed. Also, we replaced the harnesses and the exhaust. The old starter was replaced with a brand new push-button B&C lightweight starter. Now it starts and runs like hell!!! 

JVJ is a floatplane Sedan with original 1948 EDO 2000 floats. Like every year, we are ready to remove the floats and install the wheels. At the end of December, it is time for the Federal 3500 skis. The aircraft will then be on skis until the end of March. That is a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun, having JVJ flying all year long!" 

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