15AC-035 – N1032H (02)

In September 2009, we received the following message from Jeff Hersom: 

"My friend Levi and I just discovered a Sedan behind a shed up here in Anchorage, Alaska. It was free, so we picked it up and will be tinkering with it and will perhaps restore it." The two new owners must have quickly realized that they had come across a stained pearl from the golden age of aviation, because only six days days later, Jeff sent us the first update: "Today was the first day of the project! We removed seats, yokes, boot cowl, the remaining fabric, the windshield, formers and stringers. The pictures show the sad state this aircraft is in."

They were able to identify the airframe as 15AC-035, a 1948 Sedan, formerly registered as N1032H, but not on the registry, anymore. In 1968, it was damaged during a take-off accident on Lake Hood, Anchorage, USA. Here is the official NTSB accident report.

Jeff and Levi, it is great to see another wrecked Sedan being rebuilt! We wish you good luck, fun, persistence and success in your restoration project!

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