15AC-043 –––– N159 (07)

The owner of this 1948 Sedan, Richard Dusenbury, has been in touch with us, for many years already. He had bought N159 as a project, in 2001 and has been working on it with the help from his friends, Ken Thorall and Denis Waters. The venture is now approaching completion with the first flight possibly already performed, at the time these lines are written! 15AC-043 is currently based at Big Lake, Alaska, USA.

Kind of a special registration number for a Sedan, N159 was assigned by the FAA on request by one of the previous owners, an Alaska State Senator, who had purchased the plane in Canada and wanted the lowest N-number available, at the time he brought it into the United States.

The airframe currently has roughly 3200 hours and the engine about 1500 hours. When the Continental C-145's TBO (Time Between Overhauls) is reached, Richard intends to convert to a 180 hp engine, with the STC and accessories already purchased from Burl's Aircraft. N159 features larger rear windows, a vertical instrument panel, a heavy landing gear and the rear baggage door.

Congratulations from our side, Richard, to you and everybody involved! Matt & Monika

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