15AC-050 –– N538JB (08)

According to the historic section of the Canadian Civil Aircraft Register, 15AC-050, manufactured in 1948, had been imported into British Columbia, Canada, in 1970, and registered as CF-QGS. It remained based in British Columbia and served several owners, until being removed again from the register, on 22 June, 1999. Today, it is owned by Reid Baldwin of Howell, Michigan, USA, and registered as N538JB. 

In January 2016, Reid sent us the following information: "I purchased this airplane a little over a year ago from Joe Skone, also of Howell. He had re-imported it from Canada. This time, though, the Sedan didn't even change hangars, I just took over paying the hangar rent. I haven't had the chance to take it farther than a couple hundred miles from home, so far. I took photo N538JB_01 at Lake Isabella, Michigan, USA."

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Photos © Unknown via Brian Safran (CF-QGS_01-05), Reid Baldwin (N538JB_01-03)

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