15AC-136 – C-GRZA (07)

According to the Canadian Civil Aircraft Register, this 1948 model Sedan had already been registered as C-GRZA, between 1989 and 1998, when it was deleted from the register. It seems, it was then sold to an owner in the USA, registered as N120RM and based at Brown Field airport (KSDM) near San Diego, California (photo N120RM_01). Arash Aryana acquired it and started out on its restoration (photos N120RM_02-03). Along the way, he succeeded in getting back the Sedan's original numbers N1120H! But as life sometimes plays, plans changed and Arash sold N1120H on to Glen Leuzinger of Wanipigow, Manitoba, Canada, in 2012, who reregistered it as C-GRZA, completed the restoration and flew the Sedan on skis. Sadly, on 22 September, 2016, Glen passed away at the age of 70. In November of the same year, John Van Aert of Barrhead, Alberta, became C-GRZA's new owner. Quite a history! Let's hope, it will go on for many more decades.

Photo C-GRZA_01, taken in 2012, shows Glen Leuzinger (left) and Arash Aryana at Brown Field, when Glen picked the Sedan up to trailer it back to its new home in Canada (photos C-GRZA_02-04).

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