15AC-145 –– N1132H (18)

This is Fred Wallis' 1948 Sedan, today based in Healy, Alaska, USA. It has undergone a ground-up restoration and features several upgrades like two seaplane doors, a new instrument panel, metal fuel tanks, large tires and a 180 hp engine! The origin and date of photo 01 are unknown to us, but it seems that the engine was still of the C-145/O-300 type. Photos 02-03 were taken in May 2000, photo 05 in May 2008, just after the installation of 31 x 13 x 6 inch Alaskan Bushwheels. Photos 06-18 show N1132H at its home base, in June 2008, with Fred (right) and Matt posing in front of Fred's impressive Sedan.

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Photos © Unknown (01), Mario Richard (02-03), Fred Wallis (04-05), Monika & Matthias Sieber (06-18)

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