15AC-165 –– N1152H (12)

Brian Safran has interesting information about this 1948 model Sedan: 

"This is one of only two Sedans that have ever been "metalized", meaning that the original fabric cover on the fuselage and main landing gear legs was replaced by aluminum sheet. The other one was 15AC-192, but this has since been restored back to its original fabric state. While 15AC-192 was converted by the same company that also metalized the Stinson airplane, 15AC-165 was converted by a mechanic who did the process with a one-time field approval." 

The below pictures present the now only remaining metalized Sedan in existance.  Photo 01 was taken, during the National Aeronca Association's convention at Middletown, Ohio, USA, in 1986.

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Photos © Charles Pyles (01), Brian Safran (02-12)

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