15AC-172 –– N1159H (32)

In 2012, John Craig completed the restoration of his 1948 Sedan, incorporating some very nice improvements like enlarged side windows, a light-weight battery in its stainless steel tray, a spin-on oil filter, shoulder harnesses for the front seats, seaplane doors on both sides, the heavy-duty Alaskan Bushwheel tailwheel and more. During the process, he also installed a series of inspection covers in the wings to comply with the wing spar AD that became effective on April 17, 2012. Congratulations, John! Photo 01 was taken, before the restoration. Photos 19-31 were taken, during the June 2012 National Aeronca Association's convention at Hook Field, Middletown, Ohio, USA. John flew there in N1159H all the way from Idaho! And in April 2015, he sent us this fantastic wing shot of flying above the rugged Idaho wilderness! (Photo 32)

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Photos © John Craig (01-18, 32), Matthias Sieber (19-31)

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