15AC-175 –– N1162H (07)

Ralph Jacobson of Hayward, Wisconsin, previous owner, spent nine years doing a frame up restoration of this 1948 Sedan. In July 2013, he wrote:

"I purchased three basket case Sedans in the mid 80's and restored N1162H over several years, finishing it about 2001. One of the other two was N1222H, but I don't remember the registration of the third one. The remaining parts from these two went in all directions. I sent a wing to Hawaii and the rest was mostly junk. N1162H has a left hand door and metal fuel tanks, as well as a 180 hp engine and a constant speed prop. I have really enjoyed my Sedan but have decided to give up flying, so it has to go."

Soon after, in September 2013, Terry Mandel, the new owner, sent us the following lines:

"Thought, I'd send you a picture of the Sedan we have just purchased. We went to Oshkosh 2013 and saw it on display. Later, I contacted Ralph Jacobson, the owner, and in August brought her to her new Larkspur, Colorado, USA home at an elevation of 6760 feet where she performs beautifully. We enjoy the nice handling with the large wing and the 180 hp does well coming out of our mountain strips like Leadville, CO at 9927 feet. We're happy to find such a good one! I am sure this aircraft will give us many years of enjoyment thanks to Ralph's hard work."


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