15AC-179 –– N1164H (06)

Wendy Beye recently sold her 1948 Sedan. She told us that she was sad to see it go, but happy that she had found the perfect place for N1164H: At the age of about five, the new owner – now in his late twenties – had taken his very first ride in an airplane. It was in this Sedan with Wendy as his pilot! What a wonderful story! We wish Wendy all the best and the new owner many exciting and troublefree flights in 15AC-179!

Here is Wendy's description of the plane at the time of sale: "Frame-up restoration in 1987. Hangared since then. Razorback fabric/dope. Polished wings. Interior carpeting, headliner and upholstery replaced in 1987 and in great condition. Windshield and left-side window replaced in 1987. Continental O-300 engine and propeller 650 hours since overhaul in 1989. TTAF 3300 hours. Icom radio. Venturi-driven attitude indicator, directional gyro and turn/slip indicator. 8.5" tires. Cleveland brakes with dual pedals (FAA field approval). All ADs complied with. Complete logbooks from the  first flight! No major damage. Dry-country plane. No corrosion. Roomier than a Skylane. Carries the same load without fussing. Great backcountry plane. Located in Roundup, Montana, USA." 

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