15AC-199 –– N1178H (07)

Will Dismukes reports that this wonderful 1948 Sedan's stunning restoration of 9 years was completed by his partner, Steve Touchette, in 2008. The plane is actually a certified S15AC, since it left the Aeronca factory as a seaplane (see the right hand seaplane door in photos 03 and 05). It had lived in Maine, until the 1970's and was converted to a wheel landing gear, for the first time around 1977 in Massachusetts. Today, it is based in Newport, New Hampshire, USA. At the time, the restoration was completed, the airframe had 1880 hours total time and the Continental C-145 engine 380 hours. The instrument panel is custom made and features Garmin radios, transponder and GPS. New fuel tanks and Whelen wingtip strobe lights were installed. N1178H sits on 8.50 tires with Cleveland double puck brakes and a Scott 3200 tailwheel with Pawnee springs. To match the original factory seaplane door on the right, a corresponding custom swing-up door was installed on the left side, too. 

Congratulations to both of you, Will and Steve, on this beautifully classic Sedan! We have no doubt that you will be giving it the best of care!

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