15AC-223 –– N1211H (10)

Unfortunately, we don't have positive proof that N1211H was 15AC-223's original US registration for the period between 1948 and 1952, but it most likely was, because it perfectly fits into the sequence of Aeronca Sedan serial and N-numbers. According to the Historical Canadian Civil Aircraft Register, this Sedan, built in 1948, was imported into Canada, in 1952.  From 1997 until 2002, it was registered to Brian Dick of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Canadian Certificate of Registration was cancelled in April 2002.

Purchased and exported to the USA by Jack Schelde, N1211H now resides in Cook, Minnesota. Vicki and Jack, pictured in the last photo, especially enjoy flying it on floats. It is currently disassembled, with some restoration work already completed, like the recovering and painting of the horizontal stabilizers and elevators. Jack also intends to replace the windows, engine cowl and headliner.

Postcard CF-FQL_01 was written and mailed from Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada, 17 July, 1963. We have no information at all about picture CF-FQL_02, which we had found on the internet. Photo N1211H_01 was taken at the Brennand Seaplane Base, Oshkosh, 29 July, 2006. Photos N1211H_02-08 were taken, in June 2018.

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