15AC-226 ––– EI-BJJ (04)

Manufactured by Aeronca in 1948, this Sedan's last registered US-American owner was Truman Carr of Davie, Florida. According to the FAA Civil Aircraft Register 15AC-226's registration, N1214H, was cancelled in April 1980 and the aircraft exported to Ireland. We have only sparse information about its history since then: It flew until at least July 1993, when the below photos were taken, then was disassembled for restoration. We have been told that work on EI-BJJ had commenced, but was never completed and that the aircraft is in a very sad condition, today.

Interesting enough, 15AC-226's former N-number, N1214H, was later assigned to Sedan 15AC-470, which is presently based in Tennessee.

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