15AC-237 – N1225H (06)

N1225H, a 1948 Aeronca Sedan, has been in the Werner family of Tomahawk, Wisconsin, for a very long time, if not for all its life. Originally owned by Norman "Tony" Werner, it is now registered to his son Robin. Although we have not been able to get a hold of Robin, we did find a few historic pictures, color slides and a bit of information about 15AC-237: As clearly stated in large letters on its fuselage sides, Tony used his Sedan for commercial scenic flights, at least during the 1950's. He operated it from his own "Werner" grass strip, where he also had a hangar. In 1958, the Tomahawk High School was built on that ground. Tony then flew his Sedan on floats from the Wisconsin River, right in front of his house, with the basement serving as a hangar.

Photo 01, titled "Aerial View of Lake Nokomis and Tony's Four-Place Aeronca, Tomahawk, Wisconsin" and photo 02 are postcards. Color slides 03 and 04 were taken in September 1958. We don't know, who the gentleman in photo 05 is, but Tony Werner is pictured in photo 06. 

If anyone can provide us with more recent pictures of N1225H or can help us to get in touch with Robin Werner, that would be fantastic and much appreciated! Thank you! 

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