15AC-246 – N1234H (22)

This 1948 Sedan with her easy-to-remember registration number is based at Fairbanks, Alaska, USA. The all transparent seaplane door on the left reveals the 3-way locking mechanism and provides great visibility, while the 180 hp engine yields fantastic performance. Photos 01-12 were taken in 2008, photo 15 in 2009 and photos 13,14 and 16 in August 2011.

This aircraft recently changed hands from Donald Bratten to Tarik Spear. It remains based at Fairbanks. Following is Don's description of N1234H, at the time of sale: "180 HP Lycoming 0-360-F1A6 engine. 82" Hartzell constant speed propeller. Garmin 195 GPS. IC-A200 comm radio with 4 place intercom. Sea Plane doors both sides. Shoulder harnesses for front seats. Full covers. Metal tanks with under-wing venting, so no damage when using wing covers. Wheels, floats and skis. TTAF 3415 hrs. TTengine 760 hrs, SMOH 420 hrs. Prop TTSN 120 hrs."

Tarik, the new owner, reports: "N1234H had been parked on the same pond as my Bellanca 7GCBC for a few years. I have a wife and six kids and was finding myself flying the better part of two days, when the whole family was going to our cabin, so I started  looking at larger aircraft. I had always admired Don's Sedan, when driving past it and found it to be a classic looking airplane. In Spring 2012, I sold the Bellanca and started the hunt for a larger aircraft. I was thrilled to learn that Don was selling his plane! I haven't landed on asphalt in six years. After the purchase, I flew N1234H on floats for 45 hours within two months, including a successful sheep hunt in and out of a 1800-foot-long lake at 2000 feet AMSL near gross weight, ten people to and from our cabin and three moose and hunting partners. I am now using a Garmin 196 GPS, just put the Sedan on skis and had the wing spar inspection AD completed. She is an absolute rocket on skis! I am looking forward to some ice fishing and cabin trips with the family, this spring. The Sedan is now part of our family and exceeds all my expectations of a bush plane. It is a classic workhorse of an airplane that I feel proud and privileged to own."

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