15AC-262 – N1250H (28)

A 1948 Sedan. Previously owned by Ed and Barb Granger and based at Scooter's Airpark (AK84) in Sterling, Alaska, it was sold, in October 2011. Following is Ed's description of the airplane at the time of sale: "Recently rebuilt 15AC Sedan with O-360/180 HP Lycoming engine & seaplane prop. 2000 hours total time/580 SMOH. Narco comm/transponder/Intercom/GPS. New metal fuel tanks. Fuel lines plumbed for easy aux tank install. Fish tube. Federal 2000 skis. Airplane wings stripped and repainted during rebuild. Always hangared. Stowable rear pax sling seats. Retracting shoulder harness. Gar Aero tundra tires. Tire covers. Running sweet & clean. New glass. New August annual. No better bush plane." 

In October 2016, the happy new owner, Nathan Anderson of Soldotna, Alaska, sent us the following message: "In 2011, I traded a Searey for this Sedan. I had won the Searey in a raffle, but had only flown it twice. It is a fun aircraft, but I was wanting something with more seats and the ability to be put on skis, and the Searey was not really suitable. Kind of like having a motorcycle, when a truck is needed. I really like the Sedan. The Grangers had a hangar, so it was in pretty decent shape, when I took ownership. I don't have a hangar, so it is exposed to the elements, but it seems to do okay. I have had my Sedan on floats for three seasons now. It seems to be an awesome floatplane. Just last week, I had the annual inspection done and put it back on 29" Alaskan Bushwheels. If we get enough snow, I'll have it on skis, but we'll have to wait and see. The last two winters have had dismal snow falls."

Photo 01 was taken at the West Mesa airport, New Mexico, USA, during the late 1950's. Photos 05-27 were taken at Soldotna, June 3, 2016. Photo 28 was taken at Big River Lakes on the west side of Cook Inlet, Alaska, September 1, 2016.

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Photos © Doug Rhinehart (01), Ed Granger (02-04), Matthias Sieber (05-27), Nathan Anderson (28)

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