15AC-276 – N1264H (18)

After this Sedan had left the Aeronca factory, back in 1948, it was based in the State of Washington. It then spent a major part of its life on floats in Alaska. Michael Tast, son of former Sedan pilot Anita Tast, sent us pictures 01-07 of his family with N1264H, back in 1968. They had their Sedan based at Lake Hood, Alaska, where photos 01-02 were taken, 15 September, 1968. Photos 03-04 were taken 1 September, 1968, location unknown. Dates and locations of photos 05-07 are unknown.

In February 2014, Keith Bracht, one of N1264H's earlier owners, contacted us with the following information: "I purchased it in Anchorage, Alaska, in July or August of 1977 and kept it until late 1979. It was on wheels, when I bought it and as long as I owned it. I flew it from Alaska to Northern California in September 1978. I kept it at Livermore Airport, until selling it to a gentleman in Schellville. That's me in photo 08, and I am pretty sure, this was taken at O'Malley Airstrip in Anchorage, AK, in September of 1977. For obvious reasons, everyone called it "The Great Pumpkin", back then."

In 1981, Charles "Wilbur" Heath (photo 15), the current owner, purchased it there. Three years later, he had it converted to the 180 hp Lycoming engine and has been very pleased with its performance, ever since. Its home base is now Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA. When his wife Catherine realized, how much this plane meant to her husband and how much money it consumed, too, she found the appropriate name for the ship: "Mistress" :-) After more than 30 years, Wilbur is still very proud of his Sedan and keeps her in top shape. But he is also still married to Catherine, after more than 60 years – Congratulations on both! 

In photo 18 a small scale model, beautifully built and given to Wilbur by a friend, poses in front of the full size N1264H. More pictures of this model can be found Here

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