15AC-279 – N1266H (38)

Previously based in Wisconsin (Photos 01-12), this beautiful 1949 Sedan was sold to Bill de Creeft of Homer, Alaska, USA, in September 2008. Bill and his wife Barbara, owners and operators of Kachemak Air Service between 1967 and 2007, still reside in the same, scenic location and in the same beautiful log home on Beluga Lake that Bill built with his own hands, after they had moved to Homer from California, in the late 1960's.

After quitting the Part 135 air service, they continued to offer sightseeing flights with their historic Travel Air S6000B, NC9084, under Part 91. Bill also used N1266H for sightseeing flights (Photos 13-16), until taking it apart to comply with the FAA AD 2012-04-10, the wing spar AD.

During the process, corroded and patched wing spar caps were discovered (Photos 17-28) and the decision was made to completely rebuild the wings with new hardware from Burl Rogers (Photos 29-38). When we visited Bill and Barbara in early June 2016, the wings approached completion in a professional maintenance shop at Homer airport and looked just like new (Photos 29-38). The fuselage, tail section and cabin interior are very nice and show only few cosmetic imperfections. The engine will need to be overhauled, though, since it has not been run for a couple of years.

Meanwhile and in spite of a large part of the work already completed, Bill has decided to offer his Sedan for sale. With more than 20'000 flying hours under his belt, mostly over rugged Alaskan terrain, he has gained immense experience, not only as a professional pilot, but also in respect to aircraft maintenance. Honest, thorough and dependable by nature – in fact, Bill is a true Knight of Belgian ancestry (no kidding!) –  he doesn't do things by halves. Hence, his intention to sell the Sedan at a reasonable price, after it has regained airworthiness. Although not required, Bill points out to interested parties that now, while the wings are being completed, would be the perfect moment to recover and repaint the fuselage, should a potential buyer wish to do so.

FOR SALE – To inquire, contact the owner, Bill de Creeft, or his son, Jose de Creeft, directly:

Bill's phone: 001 (907) 235-8924

Bill's e-mail: decreeft (AT) gmail.com

Jose's cell phone: 001 (907) 299-7482

Jose's office phone: 001 (907) 235-7482

Jose's e-mail: northwindak (AT) gmail.com

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