15AC-282 – N1268H (09)

A beautifully finished 1948 Sedan, previously owned by Dan Miller and based at Pine River (KPWC), Minnesota. In spring 2014, it was sold to Nick Anania and ferried to its new home at the Windsock Village Airport (NH69) near West Ossipee, New Hampshire, USA.

Dan Miller's description of the airplane, at the time of sale: "In 2008, my father-in-law, Lee Johnson, completed a full restoration which included the switch to aluminum wing tanks, the installation of vortex generators, new fabric and paint, new tires, an all-new interior, a major overhaul of the engine and an 80/42 propeller. It has always been hangared and flown for only about 12 hours, since the restoration."

Chester Nelson, another Sedan owner, ferried the aircraft from Minnesota to New Hampshire (picture 09): "It took me two full days and 9 fuel stops. I left April 15th at 5:30 a.m. and arrived at NH69 at 7:00 p.m., April 16th. I flew down around the Great Lakes and worked my way back up to New Hampshire. N1268H now lives in a beautiful flying community."

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Photos © Chester Nelson

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