15AC-293 – N1277H (12)

A 1948 Sedan, restored by Chester Nelson and his Dad in Minnesota, USA. In November 2010, Chester described the airplane as follows: 

Total time on airframe and engine is around 1400 hours. The engine was overhauled in 2005 and has still zero hours. List of work done: New fabric (Ceconite) on fuselage and tail feathers. Stits process with Poly Tone paint. New cables. New metal on 60% of wings along with paint. New wing tanks from Burl Rogers. All new gauges on instrument panel. A new 80/42 McCauley propeller, also from Burl Rogers, is going to be mounted. New left and right windshield sections installed. New fuel sight gauges from Burl Rogers. All new wiring for the lights.

In the meantime, the restoration has been completed and a successful first post-restoration flight conducted, on June 22, 2012. Congratulations, always safe flights and happy landings to both of you!

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Photos © Chester Nelson

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