15AC-318 – N1294H (01)

Joe Wolbert's 1948 model Sedan is undergoing restoration work, performed by his son-in-law, Keith Mines. In March 2013, Keith wrote:

"I am doing a complete restoration of this plane. Unfortunately, I inherited this project, after it had been completely disassembled and sitting for 27 years. It had also been moved around to several locations. The instrument panel was pretty much junk. I was able to use it as a pattern to make a new one. But at this point, the panel is a blank sheet without any holes cut out, yet. I am doing this airplane for my wife Valerie and her father. In fact, my wife learned to fly in this exact airplane. It is on a fuselage rotator, right now, and it will still be quite a while, before it is ready to fly again. It was originally built in late December of 1948, so we decided to paint it in the 1949 scheme."

The photo was taken at Chilhowee Gliderport, Chilhowee, Tennessee, USA, in approximately 1989, photographer and pilot unknown.

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