15AC-325 – N1301H (06)

This 1949 Sedan, presently based at Lake Hood, Alaska, USA, is owned by David Fair. In 2013 he wrote:

"I just fly for pleasure and, after owning a Super Cub, purchased N1301H in 2007, hoping that my wife and two kids would get into flying more. Only one son is really interested, though.

This Sedan has had many owners over the past ten years or so. Paul Erickson is a local mechanic who did my annual and, at one time, owned this plane himself. He replaced all the wooden formers and stringers with aluminum parts. The plane has a 180 hp engine. At some point in the past, a wing tip was damaged. During the repairs, both tips were extended by 24 inches and the straight ends installed. Chris Creglow, the previous owner, had flown other Sedans and thought that this one was more controllable at low airspeeds in crosswind, but I can't really speak to any comparison. It is very stable, though, and trims easily for two-finger flying."

Photo 02 shows the Sedan at Wasilla, before David had acquired it.

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