15AC-338 – N1308H (20)

According to the owner of this clean, classic 1949 Sedan, it is one of the few S15AC Sedans that were delivered by Aeronca as seaplanes. 

Over the decades, it has undergone several modifications and upgrades: A 6-cylinder Franklin 6A4-165-B3 engine with 165 hp takes the place of the original 145 hp powerplant (1950). It drives a McCauley 1A170 – DM 7547 propeller. All wooden fuselage formers and stringers have been replaced by metal parts (1953). Instead of the rubber bladder tanks, the plane now has two 17-gallon metal fuel tanks in its wings (1984) with under-wing vents (2007) and a 19-gallon auxiliary fuel tank under the rear seats. A new Airtex interior (1986) and the Cleveland Wheels and Brakes conversion (2007) have been installed. N1308H has also been operated on Airglas 2500A straight skis and EDO 89-2000 floats. Since 1972 this Sedan has the official paperwork that allows to fly with one cabin door removed for parachute jumping operations. 

The owner says that the Sedan is the most comfortable aircraft he has owned, so far, requiring very little pressure on the controls, if trimmed correctly. And that even his 8-year-old Granddaughter can fly it straight and level for hours! N1308H is based in South Portland, Maine, USA.

FOR SALE – To inquire, contact the owner, Guy Boudreau, directly:

Phone: 001 (207) 576-4137

E-mail: gboudrea (AT) maine.rr.com

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