15AC-341 –– N15AC (47)

This 1949 Sedan was originally registered as N1311H. The current owner, Brian Safran, acquired the partly restored project. When the meaningful N-number N15AC became available, he jumped at it and reregistered his Sedan. 

In February 2014, Mike Hoag hauled N15AC off to his place. To make the fuselage fit inside the trailer, he constructed a set of home made traveling wheels. Alongside 15AC-475 Mike completely restored N15AC down to the smallest part. Just look at how clever the headset jacks are hidden behind the ashtray covers and the COM, intercom, transponder and ELT switch and indicator behind the glove box cover!

While the original plan was to present N15AC in new splendor at the 2016 Aeronca convention, it eventually took two more years to complete it, mainly due to delays at the engine shop. N1311H had last flown in 1981. 37 years later, on February 8, 2018, Mike took it up for its second maiden flight, now as N15AC, and said it handled great.

Mission accomplished! Congratulations to Brian, Bonnie and Mike on their successful project and a truly classic Sedan! It is now based at Valley City, Ohio. 

Photo N1311H_01 was taken in 1967, location unknownPhotos N15AC_01-08 were taken in February 2014 at Valley City, Ohio, USA. Photos N15AC_09-31 were taken at Three Rivers, Michigan, and Valley City, Ohio, between February 2014 and April 2018. Photos N15AC_32-46 captured N15AC's first public appearance during the 2018 National Aeronca Association's convention at Hook Field, Middletown, Ohio, in June 2018. 

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