15AC-347 – N1010H (16)

Mike Hoag, the previous owner and restorer of N1010H, writes about this 1949 Sedan: 

N1010H spent most of its time in Canada on floats. It was dinged, during a hard landing and sunk up to the belly in a lake. It then sat in a barn for some time and a Sedan owner in Chesaning, Michigan, got it for parts. When he had taken everything he needed, he sold the rest to me. I was in the middle of the restoration of my Champ and stored N1010H for several years. The N-number is not the original one, anymore. When the Sedan came back into the USA from Canada, the original N-number was not available, so the new owner had to pick from a few numbers that were close. I started work on N1010H in June of 2004 and, with the help of my friend Konrad Jockus, we then worked three years to redo both, N1010H and his N1003H. They flew again, in 2007.

In June 2018, Mike informed us that N1010H has been sold to Tom Boone of Vicksburg, Michigan. Tom keeps the Sedan at Mike's place in Three Rivers, Michigan, though, and in the same hangar.

Photo 01 was taken during a fuel stop at Van Wert, Ohio. Photos 02-15 were taken at Hook Field, Middletown, Ohio, during the 2012 convention of the National Aeronca Association. For photo 16 Mike posed in front of N1010H at its home base near Three Rivers, Michigan, USA, after returning from the 2012 convention.

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