15AC-351 – PP-DXK (01)

Unfortunately, we have not been able to find out, at what point in time this 1949 Sedan was first registered in Brazil, nor what has become of it. Any information about PP-DXK's history and fate will be much appreciated, allowing us to fill in the blanks and update this page accordingly.

The below photograph of the aircraft in a hangar at the Aeroporto Adhemar de Barros (SBDN), Rio Claro, Brazil, was taken by Alberto Fortner, back in 1988. It is kindly provided by Carlos Fortner, Alberto's son. Brazilian Sedan fan Heinz Wolf Jr. contacted us through this website and forwarded the photo, together with Carlos' permission to add it to the Sedan Gallery. We feel honored to be allowed to publish this rare piece of history on our website!

(This page last updated: 01/2016)

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Photo © Alberto Fortner, Collection Carlos Fortner, via Heinz Wolf Jr.

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