15AC-356 – N1322H (09)

This 1949 Sedan, previously owned by Waldo E. Hecht and based at Vassar, Michigan, USA, changed hands in 2014. Following is Waldo's description of the plane, at the time of sale: "Continental C-145 engine, 1127 hrs SMOH, 172 hrs STOH. New slick magnetos. McCauley propeller. King 150 Radio. Basic instruments. TTAF 3848 hrs. Cleveland brakes. New Seat Belts. New ELT. Ceconite covering, Butyrate finish. Hangared since 1980. In annual until end of October 2011."

In May 2014, the new and current owner, Gregg Synnes, contacted us with the following report: "Hello and greetings from Killdeer, North Dakota! I purchased N1322H from Walt. Just got it home. What a plane! But not too fast. But I didn't buy it for speed, just for the joy to fly. I had made down payment on this Sedan, in December 2013 already, but didn't pick up the plane, until May 2014 due to extreme snowfall in Michigan. To fly it home 1170 statute miles was a wonderful way to learn about my new plane. The trip was a blast, learning as we went on our way. Some 2 days and 17 hours in the air later, we landed at the Sedan's new home – rural Killdeer, North Dakota (photos 07-09). I am very happy with the plane, flying every week, amazed with every flight. I like the smooth big-plane feel you get with the Sedan. And I enjoy hearing the Continental 145 hp during take-off. True horsepower, I would say. Flying off 1200 feet of grass runway, taking off in roughly 700 feet with full fuel, 2 people, and it performs well. TTAF 3888, SMOH 1167, STOH 212." 

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Photos © Walt Hecht (01-06), Gregg Synnes (07-09)

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