15AC-362 – N1327H (06)

Many thanks to Robert Finch for filling in most of the blanks in the history of this Sedan by sharing the below information and photos (02-06) with us. If anyone knows the current whereabouts of 15AC-362, please let us know, so we can update this page accordingly. Thank you.

Robert reports: "N1327H was purchased new from the factory in 1949 by John C. Jensen, my step-father (photos 04 and 06). After having a heart attack in 1953, he sold it to the Waco Flying School in Waco, Texas. The plane was "written off" in 1977. The location of whatever is left of the plane is unknown. The FBO at Waco does not remember the plane. 

Aeronca 15AC Sedan N1327H was red and cream, as were most of the Sedans that I observed back then. I do not know who actually took the photos of the Sedan, but they were taken in Kansas. The photos were in my late mother's photo album. At the time, I was in the 45th Reconnaissance Squadron at Furstenfeldbruck, Germany. (When the 45th was disbanded all of the F-6 aircraft assigned to the squadron were sent to Switzerland becoming part of the "Swiss Mustangs". The F-6 was the photo version of the North American P-51.)

Mr. A.W. Mee, Aeronca dealer and CFI (photo 04, with foot on wheel fairing), had a pilot's sense of humor. He once told me that on a ferry trip from the factory, he saw a Bonanza coming up from behind at the same altitude. He slid down on the floor and flew the plane out of sight of the other plane until he heard the engine of the Beechcraft to his right. He sat up, stretched as if just awakening from a nap, and sat in the seat, completely ignoring the Bonanza as it flew ahead and away.He said that he often wondered what that other pilot told his friends about the sleeping pilot."

Robert derives that the location in picture 01 (from an unknown source) was most likely the Waco Municipal Airport in the early to mid 1950's.  

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