15AC-383 – C–FFNY (08)

According to the Historical Canadian Civil Aircraft Register, this 1948 Sedan had been registered to several different owners and based in British Columbia, between at least October 1982 and December 2014, when its registration was cancelled. The last registered owner was Malcolm Mac Leod, who had flown and enjoyed it for 13 years, then upgraded to a 180 hp engine. Unfortunately, after only another 6 hours, it was badly damaged during an accident.

In January 2014, Bob Cameron provided photos 01 and 02, accompanied by an interesting piece of historic information: "Serial number 383 (CF-FNY) belonged to my dad and his partners, when they first started Whitehorse Flying Service. The photos were taken at Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, in 1949. Photo 01 was taken on the Yukon River, when my dad was getting his float endorsement and taking off on his first floatplane solo flight. When they sold CF-FNY in 1950, it went to Aklavik in the Northwest Territories as the first airplane of Aklavik Flying Service (Mike Zubko)."

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Photos © Bob Cameron (CF-FNY_01-02), Malcolm Mac Leod (C-FFNY_03-08)

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