15AC-386 – PP-DZW (01)

Apart from a nice, historic photograph, taken at the Jacarepagua Airport (SBJR), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1978, we are unable to provide much confirmed information about this Sedan. 

Neither do we know, whether it left the Aeronca factory in Middletown, Ohio, in 1948 or 1949, nor when it arrived in Brazil. And we can only assume that the Brazilian online records state "PP-DZW, Registered 12 August, 1953" as the date, when it was first registered in the country. Over time, Brazil has used several country codes for their aircraft registrations: Starting out with P-.... in the 1920's, later PP-..., PR-..., PT-... and PU-.... . While P-.... has been abandoned, the four latter prefixes are being employed simultaneously up to the present day. Therefore, there is a very slim chance that this Sedan might have carried a different Brazilian registration, between the time, when it left the USA and 12 August, 1953.

Any additional, small piece of information about this specific Aeronca Sedan, especially its current whereabouts, could help complete the puzzle. We hope, you can provide it. Thanks!

The below picture was taken by Alberto Fortner. His son Carlos manages the huge collection of photographs, and we feel honored to be allowed to publish this historic document in our Sedan Gallery. Our thanks also go out to Heinz Wolf Jr., most likely the biggest fan of Aeronca Sedans in South America, for having approached us with information and pictures!

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Photo © Alberto Fortner, Collection Carlos Fortner, via Heinz Wolf Jr.

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