15AC-398 – N1354H (18)

Manufactured in 1949, this Sedan is based at Birchwood, Alaska, USA. Picture 01 was taken in the year 2000 at Lake Hood, pictures 02 and 03 were both taken, during 2008. And pictures 04-16 are from June 1, 2008, when owner Dave Swartz invited Monika and Matt on an amazing scenic flight over the Alaska wilderness and glaciers. Thanks very much, Dave!

In February 2015, a proud owner and dad emailed us the following: "Our daughter Melody just started taking lessons in Talkeetna, and she's flying an Aeronca! A Champ in her case. She still has a few years, before she can solo, she's only 13 at the moment. Without brakes on the right, I didn't think, it was good to start her out on our Sedan." Congratulations, Melody, on your new adventure! Monika and I wish you tons of fun and a life full of wonderful flying experiences!

At the same time, Dave stated that "There are just not enough pictures of Sedans in their natural element, the air, in your gallery." So he made a start, changing that by sending us photos 17 and 18 and added: "These were taken over the Kenai Peninsula. The mountains in the distance are the edge of the Harding Ice Field." 

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Photos © Mario Richard (01), Fred Wallis (02), David Swartz (03, 17-18), Monika Sieber (04-06), Matthias Sieber (07-16)

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