15AC-401 – HB-ETB (10)

There is quite a story behind this 1949 Sedan: Originally imported factory new into Switzerland, in June 1949, it was operated in the French speaking part of the country, until 1973 (Photos 01-06). After an accident, it sat outside a hangar at the Lausanne airfield (LSGL) for several years. In 1989 it was sold to the Czech Republic, where it received a fictive military color scheme and served as an eye-catcher on top of a theatre roof in Karlin, until approximately 1993 (Photos 07-08). Petr Kodytek acquired it with the intention of bringing it back to airworthy condition. At some point, the project came to a halt and, in 2005, was purchased by Wolfram Bogner, who trailered it to his Arpsdorf home just north of Hamburg, Germany. Sadly, Wolfram passed away four years later and could not finish the restoration either. The project plane has since changed hands, again, and, in December 2010, found its way back to Switzerland (Photos 09-10). The current owner intends to rebuild and upgrade it to a 180 hp engine and use it as a seaplane on amphibious floats. 

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Photos © Erich Gandet (01-02), Unknown (03), Alex Kollep (04-06), Michael Snelling (07-08), Andreas Bischel (09-10)

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