15AC-415 –– ZU-DAY (07)

A Sedan on the African continent! Manufactured in 1949, it has recently been restored in Margate, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, and should soon take to the air, again.

15AC-415 was originally registered in South Africa as ZS-DDA, July 11, 1949. Due to export to Zambia, this registration was deleted, August 5, 1965. In Zambia it served as 9J-RBD, before being reimported into South Africa, bearing the letters ZS-EUP, between December 31, 1967 and July 16, 1974. It was then stored in Botswana, until its reimport to South Africa. It was on May 30, 2003, when the Sedan received its current markings ZU-DAY.  

Ashleigh Hodgson reports: "My dad, Hew Hodgson, is the owner of Midcoast Air, based at the Margate airport. He has been in aviation for over 40 years. My mom Gail and myself work with him and our staff of six. In 2010, dad purchased the aircraft from a friend and trailered it to Margate with his old Honda."

Here is a very detailed article about this specific Sedan and the type in general. The author, the late Dave Becker, was one of, if not the most respected historian of South Africa's aviation. Obviously, he used our website's Sedan gallery as a source to illustrate his well-researched work.

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