15AC-429 – N915TC (46)

This 1949 model Sedan was delivered factory-new to Switzerland, Europe, as HB-ETC, in June of the same year and based at Les Eplatures (LSGC) (Photos HB-ETC 01-03). In 1977, our friend, Emil Röllin, acquired it in very nice, restored and repainted condition for about GBP 5000. It remained at Les Eplatures for another three years, until Emil stationed it at Beromünster (LSZO), where it served him dependably, until 1983. In their six years of ownership, Emil and his wife Marianne spent some 550 hours in their Sedan, flying it all across Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden) and even to Morocco, Africa (Photos HB-ETC 04-11). In August 1983, Emil ferried the plane to Finmere, UK, and sold it to Graham Churchill of Silverstone for GBP 7000, who registered it as G-CETC and later sold it to John Scale of Haverfordwest. John operated it from his private field, called Capeston Farm (Photos G-CETC 01-21). The selling price now at GBP 31'000, it went on to Ireland as EI-ETC. In 1999, the current owners re-registered it as N915TC. It is under restoration at Athboy (EIMH), Ireland (Photos N915TC 01-14). 

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Photos © Roger Brown (HB-ETC 01-03), Emil Röllin (HB-ETC 04-10), Juha Ritaranta (HB-ETC 11), Unknown (G-CETC 01), John Scale (G-CETC 02-21), Bryan Keane (N915TC 01-02), Matthias Sieber (N915TC 03-14)

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