15AC-448 –– CF-LJE (08)

Built in 1949, CF-LJE has been a Brebner family member for the past 39 years. They have had it based at their private strip, serving the family's Tsuniah Lake Lodge in British Columbia, Canada. Eric Brebner writes: "The plane has been in my family since 1981. We did some restoration work and had it painted not long after that date, but nothing major in the last decade. Before us, it spent most of its life in northern Canada and Yukon. I don't have any info before 1965. " 

The Brebners are now offering their Sedan for sale and describe it as follows: Total airframe time 2145 hours. Metal tanks. Mogas STC. 406 ELT. Intercom. Headsets. Carburetor and magnetos recently overhauled. 3000 Airglass skis. Airframe in good shape. Motor runs (Continental C-145), but is high time. Hangared. Asking price CAD 28'000.

FOR SALE – To inquire, contact the owner, Eric Brebner, directly:

E-mail: t.lakelodge (AT) gmail.com


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