15AC-462 – N1410H (21)

This 1949 Sedan is quite a sensation: It is probably the only Sedan ever operated on amphibious floats! During the plane's restoration, it was converted to a 180 hp Lycoming O-360 engine and a Hartzell constant speed propeller. Additionally, vortex generators were installed. The owner, Ken Spires, reports a very good short field performance with these modifications, compared to a good one with the original setup. On the far left of of his instrument panel something very uncommon in a Sedan can be seen: A landing gear switch! It operates the gear on the amphibious Easy Lift 2140 floats that were manufactured by Roger LaLand in Canada. Little mirrors, mounted underneath the wings near the wing strut attach points, help to visually confirm if the wheels are up or down. The floats are not certified and required a Field Approval. Ken has done all the testing himself, like taxi, high-speed taxi and flying. 15AC-462 is based at Wadsworth (3G3), Ohio, USA. 

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Photos © Greg Spires (01-08), Brian Safran (09-21)

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