15AC-464 – CF-DDH (05)

A 1949 Sedan. In 2013, Ken Coulson, Ontario, Canada, sold this Sedan to Brant Bergstrome, also based in Ontario. Following is Ken's description of 15AC-464, at the time of sale:

"1949 Aeronca Sedan Float Plane. TTAF 2388 hrs. 180 hp Lycoming O-360 AIF 6D with 1640 hours. Engine bulked and new cylinders, camshaft, bearing etc. at 1419 hrs. McCauley IA 200-DFA-82/42 prop, 597 hrs. CAP 2000 floats. Wheel landing gear included. Bendix King radio 96. 4-place intercom. All updates, tank, strut ends etc. All ADs current. Same owner since August 1, 1986. Plane located in scenic Muskoka, Ontario, Canada."

Morgan Williams, owner of Sedan C-FNYL, sent us picture 04, which was taken during the 2014 flying season. It is quite a sensation: Four Aeronca Sedans, all with 180 hp engines, moored to the same dock! Penetanguishene, Ontario, was most likely the only place in the world that ever offered such a view. The planes in the picture are CF-DDH (showcased here), C-FNYL, C-FKWA and C-FVJY. Owners Brant Bergstrome, Morgan Williams, Norm and Joe Bailey, frequently enjoyed flying their Sedans together.

Sadly, on the 5th of July, 2015, with the Sedan mounted on floats, Brant had to make an emergency landing on a grass field near Orillia, Ontario, due to engine failure. Following ground contact, the plane flipped over and was damaged, but, luckily, neither Brant nor his two children aboard were injured (Photo 05).

In February 2017, Chester Nelson of Little Falls, Minnesota, provided the latest information about this specific Aeronca Sedan: "During the winter 2015/2016, I drove out to Toronto, Canada, and bought CF-DDH, together with all the parts, from the previous owner. They will be used to convert my newest project, Sedan N1049H, into 180 horse."  

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