15AC-466 – N1380H (09)

A 1949 Sedan that we found at Big Lake, Alaska, USA, in June 2008. It had obviously been sitting for a long time. The three gentlemen in picture 08 were so kind to pump its tires and pull it out of the weeds for our camera. They are, from left to right: Chuck, Ed and Richie. Thanks again, guys, and good luck, Chuck, with your beautifully restored Super Cub!

In 1972, when picture 09 was taken in the Arizona desert near Yuma, N1380H belonged to the late Jim Gillaspie. Jim was one of the leading forces in the restoration and preservation of 15AC-166, the "City of Yuma". 

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Photos © Matthias Sieber (01-08), James Gillaspie (09)

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