15AC-467 –– EI-BKC (09)*

This 1949 Sedan's former US registration N1394H was cancelled in October 1980 and the plane exported to Ireland. The last registered US owner was Darrell Kight of Tucson, Arizona. Today, its homebase is Birr airfield (EIBR) in central Ireland. Gordon Hendrick and Michael Farrell are taking good care of it. They worked on its restoration for several years. On March 4, 2009, it successfully completed its first post-restoration flight. Congratulations to everybody involved! You brought an absolutely gorgeous Sedan back into the skies! Dear readers, turn up your computers' volume and watch Video 01 of the first post-restoration flight which took place, March 4, 2009! And here is an interesting Article for you to read about this specifc Sedan.

Color slides 01-05 were taken in September 1982, location unknown. In slide 02 EI-BKC poses side by side with the photographer's own Sedan, 15AC-429, HB-ETC. Photos 06-08 were taken during the 1983, '86 and '87 PFA Rallies (Popular Flying Association) at Cranfield, UK. Photo 09 shows EI-BKC at Birr, Ireland, in 2000.  

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Photos © Emil Röllin (01-05), Bill Teasdale (06), Ray Barber (07), Derek Heley (08), Gordon Hendrick (09)

Video © 7404919

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