15AC-475 – N1417H (12)

15AC-475 was manufactured in 1949. The present owner of this Sedan, Brian Safran, reports:

"I bought N1417H from Ralph Richards, the man who had introduced me to Sedans. I met him, when he was working on his instrument rating in his Maule and I was pumping gas at the local airport. He told me about N1049H, the Sedan he had just sold, because it couldn't fly IFR and the Maule could. But over the years, he always missed the Sedan and later bought N1417H, when he retired the Maule. I did a mini restoration to keep it flying. That let me fly a 15AC, while I worked on another Sedan restoration. In November 2013, Mike Hoag had just finished restoring a Sedan and was looking for what to do next. He stopped by at my place to pick up N1417H and take it to his shop for yet another 15AC restoration."

Photo 01 was taken in June 1966. Photo 02 is of open-door ski flying in 1985. Photos 04-05 are of Ralph Richards (and a friend) with N1417H. Photos 06-07 show Brian and Bonnie's dog Jack "The Flying Dog", all excited before take-off and enjoying the scenery from above! Photos 08-12 were taken in November 2013, when Mike Hoag picked the Sedan up at Brian Safran's place.

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Photos © Unknown (01), Ralph Richards (02-04), Brian Safran (05, 8-10, 12), Bonnie Safran (06, 07, 11)

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