15AC-047 –– N1188H (08)

This Sedan was manufactured in 1948 and once belonged to Charlie Christenson's dad.

Charlie recounts: "Photos 01-02 were taken on a beach of Boy Scout Island (Wawatasso Island), Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA, in 1965. The guy pulling on the Sedan is Neil Peterson who rebuilt N1188H's fuselage. The plane was repainted the next season. Photos 03-04 were taken in Minneapolis, during the late 1960's. My dad was taking N1188H from Flying Cloud airport to Lake Reily, five miles west. He took off on a dolly, using only airplane power and, once free of the dolly, a parachute brought it to a stop. He did this two years in a row. It sure would be nice to have a Sedan, again, but my dad and I own a Cessna 182, now." 

S/N 15AC-047 is still on the FAA register as N1188H, but is now based in Kodiak, Alaska, USA. 

James Jackson, the current owner, reports: "I bought my Sedan in 2005 shortly after I received my pilot’s license. I use it for my work as a fisheries biologist and my home base is in Kodiak, Alaska. I am not a commercial pilot, but I use it to travel to many of the small towns and field stations on Kodiak and the Alaska Peninsula. When I bought N1188H, it had already been upgraded to a sea plane and was being flown by Kingfisher Aviation in Kodiak on a pair of EDO 2000 floats. N1188H received an upgrade to the 180 hp Lycoming in the late 1970’s. It came with double puck brakes, a fixed pitch 80 inch lift prop, and was resurfaced in 1999. Since 2005 I have added the following upgrades: A set of 29 inch bush wheels, along with an Alaska Bush tailwheel, new instruments (heading indicator, attitude indicator and Garmin 396 GPS), a new marine VHF and antenna, a new, lighter battery and battery tray (Burl's Aircraft), new stainless steel lift struts and fittings (Burl's Aircraft), a new port side elevator (again Burl's Aircraft), a lighter starter, and finally this year new Vortex Generators. She is an absolutely wonderful bird and I put between 80 to 100 hours on her a year, flying all over Kodiak and the Alaska Peninsula. Picture 05 is on the Shumagin Islands on the south side of the Alaska Peninsula. Picture 06 is in Beaver Bay on the south side of the Alaska Peninsula (450 miles southwest from Kodiak). Picture 07 is on Malina Beach on the west side of Afognak Island (Kodiak).  And picture 08 is a popular refueling spot, again on the Alaska Peninsula." 

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