15AC-491 – N1427H (07)

In January 2015, Keaton and his brother Cameron Molt emailed us from Oregon, asking for technical information and contacts to other Sedan pilots in their vicinity. They recently earned their private wings and are fortunate to have a grandfather who owns Aeronca Sedan N1427H. They are now stepping up to flying this 1950-built bird, which the family affectionately calls the "Blue Goose". The airplane had been stored in a hangar for some five or six years, but it had always been cared for and the wing spar AD has also been complied with. Power still comes from its original six-cylinder Continental C-145 engine.

In April 2015, Cameron sent us current pictures (photos 04-07) and reported that the Sedan was up and running again. Well done, Cameron, Keaton and granddad – have fun!

Photo 01 is taken from a 1953 short documentary titeled "Flying Businessman", featuring numerous contemporary aircraft types for the private owner and businessman.

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