15AC-494 ––– CF-LIL (09)

This 1950 Sedan is powered by a 180 hp Lycoming engine. It is based in Ontario, Canada. When we took the below pictures, in June 2012, it was undergoing maintenance work with Norland Aircraft Services Ltd. at the Head Lake seaplane base, Norland, Ontario. Part of the work was the thorough overhaul of the wings, while complying with the FAA wing spar AD. Photos 07 and 08 clearly show the improved surface condition of the soda-blasted wing spar section, while the old, still untreaded section shows surface corrosion. All four wing spar cap angles, one of them visible in photo 08, were eventually replaced by new ones. In photo 09 Chris Bullerdick, president of Norland Aircraft Services Ltd., holds one of the many nicely overhauled wing ribs of CF-LIL, ready to be reinstalled.

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