15AC-496 – N1433H (21)

Manufactured in 1950, 15AC-496 was restored in 1979, while based at Chandler Field, Alexandria, Minnesota. After a heart attack, its owner had to give up flying and sold his Sedan to a person in Otumwa, Minnesota. In 1989, after several years and repeated efforts, Kenneth Nelson was finally able to convince the owner to sell it on to him. Ken brought N1433H back to Chandler Field, where he had it hangared ever since, and from where he enjoyed flying it frequently. By 2018, when Ken decided to look into LSA flying and to sell his beloved Sedan, he had put about 400 hours of flight time on it. Following is his description of N1433H at the time of sale, and below are photos of it, taken in June 2018:

"Continental O-300-A, 160 SMOH. Prop 160 SMOH. Slick mags. New exhaust system, wiring and breakers. Lit panel. Pia compass. Intercom. Lowrance 1000 GPS in the panel. VAL COM radio. Transponder and encoder. Firewall battery box. Wing AD done. Stits with Urethane in 1979, good condition, hangared since. Interior and glass good condition. OAT. CHT. EGT. Approximately 1500 hours TT."

In early 2019, 15AC-496 found a caring new owner in the person of Paul T. Cullman, who has the Sedan now based at the Meadowmist residential airpark at Ferndale, Washington, USA.

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