15AC-534 – N1464H (15)

David Brawley, previous owner of this beautiful 1950 Sedan, first contacted us in October 2014. At the time, he had just discovered 15AC-534 in Jackson, Michigan and was considering buying it. But it would take until January 2016, before we received the following message from him, together with pictures 02-12:

"She is mine now, I have 534 in my hangar! She has a great home, now, flies great and gets flown often in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She sits on a 1400 foot grass strip, which is why I bought a Sedan in the first place. I wanted a Maule or something similar that will get up and out with four. This plane performs excellently out of my little strip with a full load of fuel and three adults – amazing plane! Notice that it has brake pedals on the right side, too. Engine is original with 2000 hours and 800 SMOH. The previous owner put a 4-place intercom in it, along with updated radios. Over time, I will probably pimp it out some."

By 2018, though, N1464H had already changed hands, again. An excited Aaron Knight emailed us, in October 2019:

"Hello, I am the proud, new (ok, a year now) owner of N1464H. I have done the majority of my private pilot training in this plane, and my 15 year old son has done some of his in it as well. My Great-grandfather purchased N1235H brand new in 1948, so I've always wanted one. I am attaching some recent photos."

Picture 01 was taken at Middletown's Hook Field, Ohio, around 2006.

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Photos © George Dean (01), Dave Brawley (02-12), Aaron Knight (13-15)

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