15AC-535 – PT-AMW (01)

We dug into the internet and were able to collect a few fragments of information, documenting at least a small part of this Sedan's story:

15AC-535 was manufactured in 1950 and registered as N1465H. The last registered owner was the Blake Cattle Company. On 21 January, 1952, the registration was cancelled and the plane subsequently exported to Brazil. The following decades are a big blank, but an inofficial document then states "PT-AMW, registered, 13 September, 1989".

Obviously, we are missing important information, since the below photograph of the plane in its catchy colors was taken at Rio de Janeiro's Jacarepagua Airport (SBJR), Brazil, 12 years earlier, in 1978 already. Carlos Fortner, son of enthusiastic aviation photographer Alberto Fortner, kindly contributed this picture with the help of Brazilian Aeronca Sedan lover Heinz Wolf Jr.. We feel honored to be allowed to publish it on our website!

If you know any details about PT-AMW's life, during the period between 1952 and 1978, or about its current condition and location, please share them with us, so we can add the info to this page. Thanks!

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Photo © Alberto Fortner, Collection Carlos Fortner, via Heinz Wolf Jr.

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