15AC-546 – N1475H (08)

This 1951 Sedan, formerly owned by Judith Porterfield, was based in Corona, California, USA, for many years. In 2011, it was acquired by Calvin B. Wiley, who, in turn, sold it on to a person in Ohio, in 2014. Following is Calvin's description of the airplane at the time of sale:

"Runs and looks good. Has 1397 hours TT. During the work to comply with the 2012 wing AD, we found some corrosion in the wings. At least the left wing will need some work. Burl Rogers sells the upper spar angle for $250 and the lower for $200. It would just need someone with time to do the work. I know of a person with good wings for $5000, as well. Other than that, the plane was annualed with new bungees, tires, battery, etc. Plane is located in Corona, California. Owner located in Summer Shade, Kentucky, USA."

Hopefully, the new owner will get in touch with us, so we can continue to document this Sedan's story.

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